Designed By Axel Brüel, 1957


The world’s first thermo set
In 1957 Lyngby Porcelain produced the world’s first porcelain thermo set. The designer Axel Brüel worked at Lyngby Porcelain as a close artistic advisor and had great influence on the clean and functional design direction the company took during the 1940’s and 50’s. The Thermodan products were double walled like a thermo jug. This ensured that the coffee stayed warm longer, and that nobody got his or her fingers burned.

Axel Brüel and the technicians on Lyngby Porcelain experimented with the thermo technique for a full year before they reached a satisfying result. To give the tall coffee jug a better grip they decided to add a discrete set of grooves into the porcelain. A feature that became a part of the design in all Thermodan products. The story goes that workers on the porcelain factory had quite a lot of fun bringing home the early productions and daring their friends to touch the slim bottle with boiling hot coffee inside. This was something never seen before.


The design was much appraised within the industry and Thermodan won the first prize at the Milan Triennale in 1960, after which it was exhibited at Louvre in Paris and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where it is part of the permanent collection.

However, Thermodan was not a big seller for the company as porcelain jugs slowly left the coffee tables and made room for the colourful chrome and plastic thermo jugs in the early 60’s.

But now, Thermodan is back! Lyngby Porcelain is bringing the tall and elegant thermo set back to life as a part of their Spring 2015 collection.