Clean lines, pure white porcelain and patterns from the archives


Clean lines, pure white porcelain and patterns from the archives. Rhombe is a tribute to the classic dinner set.

Last year Lyngby Porcelæn introduces the first three items in their new series: Lunch plate, Dinner plate and Soup plate. For the SS16 collection they're adding Coupe plate, Coffee cup, Bowl, Suger bowl and two vases to the charming series.

When the full series is revealed it will cover everything you need to set a beautiful dinner table – and play a big role in the companys ambitions to bring the elegant and astonishingly decorated tables into the modern age.

At the centre of the series is the Rhombe pattern. The pattern originates from the large design archive of Lyngby Porcelæn and had its debut on the popular oven proof Danild series, launched in 1961. Back then, the pattern was printed on the porcelain as transfermarks, but in the new and updated 2016 version you'll see the pattern placed as reliefs on the porcelain.

On the two vases the Rhombe structure is built layer-on-layer – artichoke style – in a complicated process that not many porcelain manufactures take on. The structures add a beautiful and classic look, and a pleasant tactile experience, while also ensuring a good grip.

The Rhombe series now hold eight items, and Lyngby Porcelæn will continue to expand the series and introduce new items over the coming years. For some of the porcelain items Lyngby Porcelæn have worked with the German designer, Laura Straßer.